Rushil Shah

Chai pe philosophy

This is an under-progress article. I will keep adding my thoughts here. Keep scrolling down for the most random philosophical thoughts on chai.

So, this has been on my mind for a long time to write about something I have loved since childhood - chai. It’s becoming uncool to be a chai-lover these days. People are turning over to coffee and other beverages, but still, I gotta do what I gotta do.

Following are some thoughts that I had that sort of contextualise my relationship with chai:

  1. In this ever-growing fast-paced world, it’s becoming harder to let go of your devices and live life as it is. I am no different than others. I too find it difficult to spend time doing nothing, when you can doom-scroll throughout the day. However, a hot cup of chai (which makes it a lot harder to do anything else) makes you think why is everyone running around in their lives? why can’t people just stop for a while and take life one moment at a time?

  2. When that cold breeze chills you a little bit; when that raindrop makes that melody while hitting the ground; when the smell of ginger comes out from the hot cup you’re barely gripping on with a lot of steam and it fogs your specs; when that relief (of god knows what) hits your spine, you ask yourself will you be able to love and cherish something more than this moment? At that moment, my mind goes blank, and nothing seems to happen. You take sips of that hot tea one by one, and time just seems to flow away.

  3. People go through a lot of adversities, and it’s too hard to find any good aspect of it at the moment. Everyone in this position needs something to hold on to, and a hot cup of tea that brings me back all of the nostalgic feelings of my childhood and halts my overthinking (to some extent) has been one of those things I hold on to.

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