Rushil Shah

Rushil Shah

Is weird, weirdly funny, and sometimes talks in the third person.

No one notices him, so he can easily get away with a lot of stuff.😁

Somehow knows about a lot of stuff, especially Finance, Tech, Startups, etc.

Loves ચાય / चाय / Tea. Considers someone asking for tea as a bad manner, as people should be offering tea and not asking for tea.

Listens to a lot of music, hates dancing, but can dance for hours in group settings without a break (he can provide testimonials for this).

Considers himself a world-class photographer (he is good, but not that great). Enjoys taking photos of random nature stuff, and his friends posing weirdly (knowingly or unknowingly).

Loves to travel, and has been planning to visit Baikal Lake and Angel Falls for more than a decade now. He just likes to add more destinations to his list than ticking off the current ones. Meghalaya, Victoria Falls, Iceland, Norway and the list goes on.

Thinks Aurora is the best singer on Earth and is waiting to attend her concert for the past 5 years (he might go to Norway in a couple of years for it).

Thinks life was better as a child and refuses to grow up!!

Also, some people tell him he is a fun drunk person!!😁

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